Can you really find an American girl to marry and live ?

We get into the subject directly and without introductions, you’re looking for a FD girl who wants to sponsor you Sponsorship so that you can live in the USA and maybe FD is thinking about getting rid of it once you get your green green card? This is the impression that at least most American girls would think if you were trying to flirt with her online about marriage in America to Arabs and others.
Well, let’s be realistic, the American girl might look at the Arab man. as you look at women from poor African countries, but I know at least 3 people have emigrated to America thanks to American girls. So this is not impossible if you really want to marry an American, But don’t build all your life that emigration to America takes place only from the creek of marriage. And today we’ll show you some options to look for American girls.

Learn about American girls to marry in your country
Go to the tourist areas of your country where foreign girls go. Your English should be good!! Chat with her and let her know that you are very interested in her. Your goal will be to look for an American girl with low self-esteem because it will make her more likely to believe you when you tell her that you are interested in her and want to get to know her more. Be careful dealing with young girls like 18 or 19, it can become a strand around your neck, especially if you have children, you will end up supporting the child and breaking your life. Believe me, the United States Government is very good at going after men who owe child support but refuse to pay. It should also be.
Recognize American Women for Marriage Online
Find sites with a large base of elderly women, or divorced Yarisat. You have to be glamorous in your dealings with her. And never tell her you need her help to get a stay in America, before you make sure she loves you. You will get positive results when identifying women with low self-esteem. What’s good about an elderly woman is that you’ll never worry about her pregnancy. And it won’t cause you a headache because it’s severe enough.
It’s not as easy as it sounds. You’ll have to be Romantic and understanding with this woman for at least two and a half years. This is not an easy but actionable task; But this is the easy part. A lot of men think the hard part is to convince a woman that you actually love her. Error. The hard part is to convince the US government that your marriage is well intentioned and you’re not a fraudster who just intends to get permanent residency in America.
Identifying American Women to Marry in America

Identifying American Women to Marry in America
If you can travel and visit the United States, you should move around for some places:
Register at a university or private school to meet potential university girls
Go to concerts and attend recreational activities to meet American girls for marriage.
Hike in public parks where many people gather.
Applying for a work visa and working in the United States, you may find some American female co-workers interested in marriage or acquaintance.
If you are unable to travel to America
Online dating (dating sites, language exchanges, forums, etc..)
At your university you may qualify for the Student Exchange Program in America which is available to all students from Arab countries
Marriage to an American
I’m sure marrying an Emirati wouldn’t be too hard, if you were rich enough, American women would be attracted to you. One thing you might want to look at here is that any American woman worthy of marriage will only marry for love and not social status. In America women can support themselves nowadays and perhaps endure a higher standard of living than men. There are laws that work for them, programs to help educate them and even support them as they go to school. So the American woman certainly doesn’t need to get married at all. Even if they get married they will stay that way until someone comes better, at least a reasonable part of the population. There is a real shortage of women who suffer from marriage in America today, so good luck finding an American girl to marry, I hope it works for you.
At last, we can say that the rate of finding an American girl online is 10%.
While the rate of finding an American girl in your country is 20%
In America, 70% of American girls are found.

And before you think about marrying an American, I ask yourself only one question, are you ready to marry an American girl, to stay at her mercy for 3 years before she gets permanent residency papers? Yes, my friend, if the relationship doesn’t work for the first three years, they will return you to your country because you simply get a temporary one-year renewable stay every year. Think about this well, and is this kind of marriage really worth the experience? And if the idea of marrying an American comes true, the next step is to find out how to apply for a green marriage.

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